Sunday, 15 October 2017

Oct 15/17

How is my stitching going, you ask? Oddly, I can not remember the last time that I picked up a needle.

Being sick for almost two weeks in September put me behind on many things. Then, I had a couple of weeks of feeling great so I worked on harvesting our tomato crop and turning it into salsa and roasted tomatoes. My pallet Christmas tree was painted. My walking routine was getting back into gear. Life was great until last Tuesday afternoon when I suddenly could not stay awake while watching TV. Yup, another go round with a virus. The fella' had been battling a virus for almost a week and was on the mend when he left on Monday for the week for a training course. I am on the mend now, but it has been a heck of a week where I debated about getting antibiotics, something I am not keen to do anymore because I have taken so many over the years.

So, cough, cough, cough, no stitching is getting done. The only thing getting done is a whole lot of sleeping and coughing. I hope all is well with you!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October 1/17

Mother Nature has been a bit bipolar recently. We had a heatwave last week where temperatures were well into the 30C territory and I went swimming in an outdoor pool this past Tuesday. By Friday, the temperatures were cool enough that I pulled out my winter coat to sit around the fire on both Friday and Saturday night. I did not need a coat this afternoon to sit out and work on my pallet tree as the temps were in the low teens, but I did start to get cramped up and stopped painting the red parts because I was getting chilled. I need to do some more work to fill out the ribbons so that they do not look so stringy and to fill out a few spots to make it all more balanced. Overall, I am pleased with how it is turning out.

Here is the last of the CADPAT bibs that I finished stitching tonight. This bib is the last one in my stash with the terry cloth backing so I am undecided about whether I will stitch any more of them. A military friend has a baby due in December so one of the bibs will go out in the mail in a month or so as they are now posted on the West Coast.

My ort jar is not filling up very quickly. The arrival of cooler evenings means that the jar will fill up much more quickly as I stitch away while winter does its thing outside.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Sept 25/17

So, we are in a bit of a heatwave these days so stitching is not really on my mind because the house is so hot and I keep getting headaches as I find it almost impossible to keep up an adequate water and salt intake. That being said, I did use the heat to my advantage yesterday to quickly dry the first couple layers of paint on a pallet cut into the shape of a tree.

The white is an indoor/outdoor primer paint that I had for some touch up jobs at my old house and the blue is a chalk paint that I bought for a project that is still on the to-do list. To finish the painting part, I plan to use red enamel paint, once used for my front door, to paint a filigree type ribbon all over. I need to both draw it on and do some practise painting before I put red paint on this piece. Then, I am thinking that a string of white lights will nicely light it up when I put it out for a Christmas display on the lawn.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sept 19/17

Hello! Long time, no blog.

Not much stitching happened during our vacation as I was busy enjoying time with family and making sure that my fella's kids had the perfect time with us at a cottage on Lake Simcoe in Ontario. I usually stitch during the long stretches of highway from Nova Scotia to Ontario and back, but I did not stitch on the way home because I was showing signs of a tenacious virus that is still hanging on two weeks later.

Before we left on vacation, I dropped off a piece to the framer to be framed. I had stitched up a beautiful design of a black Lab that looks exactly like our Maggie, right down to what I call the goober expression on the face. Our Maggie is a happy dog who is eager to please. There was a message on the phone from the framer when we pulled back into the driveway after 6000km of driving. Here is the final result:

The pattern is so safely tucked away that I can not, for the life of me, find it to give credit to the designer or the website where I made the purchase. I am very pleased with the end result of both the stitching and the outstanding framing job. Now, we just need to install it on the wall.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

August 30/17

On vacation.

A few stitches were done during the long car ride to this cottage on Lake Simcoe in Ontario. A few more will be done during the long car ride back to Nova Scotia. Have I mentioned that our vacation involves many hours in the car?

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Aug 16/17

The dog days of summer have seen a whole lot of this (the dog is not dead, I promise!)

and not a whole lot of stitching. I have been busy enjoying the beautiful days and evenings by being outside as much as possible, walking the dog when she looks more alert, swimming, sight seeing or reading. My French lessons are coming along nicely as well. We rarely have such a glorious summer, being on the Atlantic coast of Canada, so we are all taking full advantage of this gorgeous weather.

The fella' is in the military and his kids live a few provinces and 20-25 hours of driving away from us so when I found these cute little bears, I thought that they would be perfect for the kids to cuddle when they are missing their dad.

Then, I came across some of his old badges that he no longer needs for his uniform so I asked him if it was okay to personalize the bears with his badges. I tried to figure out how to also include his chevrons, but I did not want to destroy the chevrons as I removed them from the epaulets so they are set aside for another project that I have yet to dream up. The kids are going to love these bears!

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Aug 9/17

You know when you are constantly busy and on the go, but can not pinpoint just what is keeping you so busy? That has been my life recently. Between it being so hot here recently, trying to exercise more thanks to my Garmin step counter gizmo, socializing with friends, being busy at work because of vacations and enjoying summer, I have not felt much urge to stitch. Add in not liking how the back stitching is designed on the seahorse pattern and that finish is taking forever. I don't like having more than one WIP on the go so I force myself to finish all of the stitching before going on to another project. I do not always do the final finish as is obvious by all of the not-quite-finished projects in my craft room, but I finish the cross stitching.

Anyhoo, here is the current state of the seahorse bag:

The back stitching is about half way completed and it will not be completed tonight as I am about to go to bed.

I am looking forward to stitching this pattern although instead of doing it on white as pictured here:

I am considering a piece of variegated blue and green 28 count even weave (I lost the tag as to the exact fabric although I think that it may be Monaco) that I have in my stash. The road block is that the stitched pattern is 16 inches by 20 inches and my fabric is 20 inches by 23 inches so there is not much left on the sides for framing or finishing. It is unfortunate because I think that it will look really cool with the varying shades of blue and green so I am measuring several times and contemplating several times plus one while I finish the seahorses. I do have a blue and white variegated piece and a white piece with gold flecks that are both large enough, but they do not capture my attention when the skeins are laid out on them while I contemplate the pattern. Maybe my next post will be a photo array of my fabric choices.

Happy stitching!