Monday, 26 June 2017

June 25/17

After a lazy Sunday morning and a trip to Wolfville to check out the Botanical Gardens, I settled in to stitch this evening. The heat and sun beating down on me while we were walking around Wolfville this afternoon has given me a bit of a headache, but I managed to make some progress on the sea horses. I am missing 3 or 4 of the colours so I will have to make a trip to our local craft store to pick up those skeins because it is becoming a bit of a pain to stitch around those areas. 

There was a moment of panic earlier when I realized that the pattern called for a 13x13 piece of 18 count and I have a 14x14 piece of 14 count. Fortunately, it looks like the design should just barely fit on this panel. Good gravy, one would think that after almost 30 years of cross stitching, I would have remembered to double check the count of both the design and the fabric.

Even though Monday is my day off, my to-do list is growing as I need to make sure that my fella' is ready to go away for the week to see his son graduate from high school and that I am ready to handle our household while he is gone. So with that, I am off to bed.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

June 24/17

Well, it is that time of the month again. Noooo, not THAT time of the month. It is TUSAL time and here is my contribution to the TUSAL blog that I follow. My ort jar is lovely and colourful this month from the threads used in the project pictured just below my ort jar. The threads on the left are being used for my next project that I started this evening while watching "Rogue One".

I had to work this morning at 9am so you can imagine how bleary eyed I was when the alarm went off this morning after putting the last stitch into this pattern at 1:15am. Now to wash it and fill it with some Nova Scotia wines.

Here is my new start. This lovely seahorse pattern is also found in the June 2017 issue of "Just Cross Stitch". I had two canvas Charlescraft bags in my stash so I decided to stitch this one up as a Christmas gift for my mom. While I do not have a specific goal for reducing my cross stitch stash, I am thrilled to be using up as much as possible as quickly as possible right now. One of these days I will take a picture of my thread stash to share with you all as it astounds me at its size. Then, there is the pattern stash and the fabric stash. Besides, any of you who are into crafts can most likely relate to the reality of having enough materials for a few life times of crafting. Guilty as charged.

Well, back to the movie for me and then bed for this tired little stitcher.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

June 20/17

Here is my end point for yesterday evening. It was too hot and yucky to put enough thoughts together to do even the briefest of blog updates.

Here is the end point for this evening:

The hot, sticky weather seems to have blow over for the moment so I have turned off the heat pump and have begun opening up windows so that we have a hope of a decent night's sleep. The new fan we bought yesterday helped to cool down our room, but the heat and the humidity had me headachey and sticky all day at work despite the air conditioning. I understand that the weather should be better tomorrow, i.e. no rain in the forecast, so hopefully I can get lots of laundry out on the line in between working on my Rosetta Stone course to re-learn the French language. The end is in sight for this pattern and I hope to finish it tomorrow in between the laundry, French lessons and biking over to the farmer's market to stock up on veggies.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

June 18/17

Here is the end result of 10 hours in the car as we drove to and from New Brunswick to visit my mom. It has been a great relief to discover that I can stitch during our frequent road trips because as a child, I was a motion sickness expert. I am fine to stitch on straight stretches of highway and with patterns like this that do not require much reading. Driving in town with my nose in my stitching or indepth examination of the pattern will bring on nausea. We had great days for driving both ways....overcast with the occasional drizzle or shower so we were comfortable in the car without the air conditioner being on full blast and the dog did not overheat when we would stop for a break. I stitched away until it was too dark to see on Friday night as we did not leave until I was done work at 6pm and I had the whole drive to stitch on the way home this afternoon. Now that I have had a spot of supper, family members have been called for Father's Day greetings and the dog has been walked to make up for being cooped up in the car, I am going to continue on with the border.

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

June 13/17

Here is a photo of where I left off last night after stitching my way through three episodes of the latest season of "Orange is the New Black". We had some friends over last night to play washer toss and to sit around our firepit until a fierce rain and thunderstorm rolled in. We went from feeling a few drops of rain to grabbing the kitchen chair we had taken outside and running as fast as we could to the house! The storm passed within an hour or so and cooled us down from the 31C (37C humidex) that we had been sweating through all day.

Does any one else find that stitching allows them to filter through the madness of the day and life to find some calm in the eye of the storm? Sometimes I wonder where the negativity that I start out with when I sit down to stitch ends up being stitched into the piece or whether it is the time and focusing on something beautiful that allows my brain to make the negative have less of a hold on me. Turning the negative energy into something beautiful helps to keep me sane. My life is no more or less stressful than any one else's and stitching is one of my coping mechanisms.

Today's plan is to finish this post, stitch while watching a couple of episodes of OITNB and mow the lawn once it dries out enough. Then, there is a much needed haircut appointment this afternoon and grocery shopping. Oh! I also need to remember to buy three graduation cards for people in our lives who are graduating from various levels of education. The joys and exciting happenings on a day off.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

June 11/17

This photo shows the result of a couple evenings of stitching since the last photo. This photo does not do proper justice to the cheery and bright colours which are making this piece so much fun to stitch.. The curtains are all drawn in the house, in an attempt to keep the house cooler during this hot and sticky day so it was difficult to properly photograph the colours. We are off to the shore in a few minutes to enjoy the cool air ocean air of the Bay of Fundy and to let dear Maggie run free to her heart's content. Some stitching may get done this evening if I am not too grumpy and tired from the heat.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

June 7/17

So, I decided to switch gears yesterday from stitching CADPAT bibs to stitching this gorgeous design. The design is from the June 2017 issue of "Just CrossStitch" and it is being stitched on a Charlescraft tote bag. The colours are so very warm and tropical which is perking me up on these rather cool and damp Spring days that we are having here recently. Friends of mine are getting married next month so I thought that this would be a great little gift, especially with a couple bottles of local wine tucked in. There are some lovely wineries here in the Annapolis Valley that of course, do not compare to the vineyards of France and Italy although they do produce some very nice wine here. The bag alone is going to be stunning with all of the bright colours. The wine will be a bonus! *clink clink*

Happy stitching!